BSHS 305 BSHS305 Historical Development of Human Services Complete / FULL / ENTIRE Course

Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1 What are the four major themes of human services? Which theme do you think is most critical for human service professionals?

Week 1 DQ 2 What are the major characteristics of helping those in need in America? What do you think has been the biggest change over the past five decades?

Week 1 Individual; Foundations of Human Services

Week 2

Week 2 DQ 1 Why is investing in mental health important to your role as a human service professional?

Week 2 DQ 2 Which of the five characteristics listed in the text for human service professionals do you think is most important? Explain why.

Week 2 Individual Quiz

Week 2 Individual; Brochure Builder

Week 2 LT Assignment; Helping Field Summary

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1 How does a client’s personal history and perception of services influence his or her overall level of engagement?

Week 3 DQ 2 Discuss the specific helping skills you can use with clients. Which skill do you think is most critical when helping clients?

Week 3 Individual Quiz

Week 3 Individual; Client Paper

Week 3 LT Case Scenarios

Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1 How do human service professionals collaborate with others to meet client needs? What are the benefits of collaboration?

Week 4 DQ 2 Discuss the role that human service professionals have in protecting client rights. Is the moral or legal obligation more important?

Week 4 Individual; Ethical Decision Scenario

Week 4 Individual; Interoffice Memo

Week 4 LT Presentation; The Role of Collaboration (APA 12-Slides)

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1 How has managed care affected service delivery for clients? In your opinion, has it improved client care?

Week 5 DQ 2 How will demographic trends in America influence service delivery within the human services?

Week 5 Individual; Clients needs and services Presentation (APA 9-Slides)

Week 5 LT Assignment; Trends Paper (1250 Words)

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AttachmentsBSHS 305 Complete
Week1\BSHS 305 DQ2 (Helping Those in Need in America).docx that police officers used to take drunken people home to their families. You are right when u say that this couldn’t work now days. This is because many family members don’t want to deal with problems that are not their own. They are tired of taking care of their "drunken brother" every night. It is also true that at there are more broken families now then there have been. Some people move to different states where they have no family. Without funding there would be no help. I was watching a TV show sometime last week about gangs. The police began patrolling the streets daily and the number of violent acts decreased greatly, however after a year of doing this funding was cut and the police were no longer patrolling the streets. What happened next,

Week1\BSHs 305 Foundations of Human Services.docx
Week1\BSHS 305 DQ1 (Major Themes of Human Services).docx
Week2\Brochure Week2\BSHS 305 DQ2 (Five Characteristics of Human Service).docx
Week2\BSHS 305 Week 2 DQ1 (Investing in Mental Health ).docx
Week2\LT Summary.docx
Week2\Week 2 Quiz 10 Q's and A's.docx
Week3\BSHS 302 Week 3 Client Paper.docx
Week3\BSHS 305 Case Senarios 6.docx
Week3\BSHS 305 Week 3 DQ1 (Client's Personal History and Perception of Services ).docx
Week3\BSHS 305 Week 3 DQ2 (Skill used to Help Clients).docx
Week3\BSHS 305 Week 3 Quiz 10 Q's and A's.docx
Week3\Grading Criteria Week 3.docx
Week4\BSHS 305 Week 4 (Collaboration in Human Services).pptx
Week4\BSHS 305 Week 4 (Ethical Decision Scenario Worksheet).doc Week4\DQ1 (Human Service Professionals Collaborate with others to meet Client Needs).docx
Week4\DQ2 (Protecting Client Rights).docx
Week4\Office Memo.docx
Week5\DQ1 (Managed Care Affected Service Delivery for Clients).docx
Week5\DQ2 (Demographic Trends in America influence Service Delivery ).docx
Week5\Week 5 Clients Needs and Services.pptx
Week5\Week 5 Demographic Trends.docx
Week5\Week 5 Grading Criteria.docx

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