BSHS322 BSHS/322 BSHS 322 Week 3 Individual Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper

Refer to Chapter 6, Exercise 6.2: Partializing (pages 144-145) Chose one of  the scenarios: Freydia, Thomas, or Rad. 

Using the scenario you chose, create a hypothetical working agreement using as reference materials in Chapter 6, Box 6.1 Sample Assessment Outline, Exercise 6.3 Prioritizing, Exercise 6.4 Contracting, and Exercise 6.5 Evaluation. State the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement (Assessment, Goal Setting, Contracting, and Evaluation).   Describe how you would utilize these elements in your chosen scenario.

Summarize the four parts of your Hypothetical Working

Agreement’ and their application to the chosen scenario in a 4-7 page paper written in APA format.  No references required.  You may utilize the Assessment Outline in Box 6.1.

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